Klavs Brinkmanis-Brimanis


Klavs comes from Latvia where he began his art education in Riga School of Art and Design. Followed by his ambitions to live and study abroad he then moved to England and completed a degree in Fine Art at the University of Essex.

From a very early age he was taught in a traditional way that declared art to be more about the skill rather than the conceptual aspects of art practice. Painting is his primary medium and he likes to approach it in various ways through traditional methods, digital enhancements, installations and short performances.

He has spent some time juxtaposing the identity of the artist and the environment that surrounds him. The unorganised space full of personal belongings and artists’ equipment is what inspires him and makes him feel more bohemian. His artwork invites you to step in the world of art which puts the emphasis on diversity of his own character.