Jens Duffy


Jens Duffy b. Oxford 1964 is a widely travelled literary writer, painter and photographer with a background in philology and semiotics (Freie Universität Berlin until 1988). Duffy studied fine art under Francis Hoyland (painting) and Mike Beddington (photography) at Camberwell College of Arts, London, until 1992.

Post university academic fatigue led to personal secession, personal secession to the path of unlearning the conditioned, the beginnings of discovering the realm of luminous entropy, the wellspring of ideas. A zone of giggles echoing down vaulted corridors, of endless tea parties and hollow politeness galore, of love without reflection, of speech without content. A free fall through darkest space. Only to stop when fear is smothered by will.  “And the clear word and vision arise”, said the friendly bear in the sola topi, but the shaman’s ayahuasca was beginning to wear off.

Whilst working as a linguistic consultant and agent, Duffy embarked on his journey as an artist in reclusion to hone inner silence and skill. Influences across the spectrum of his oeuvre may be found in Mannerism and Expressionism, Buddhism and Hermeticism, however, his work retains a sense of humour and idiosyncrasy entirely his own.


Duffy’s approach to his work may be summed up as follows:


  • Silence … subduing inner noise and letting it dissipate
  • Emptiness … using the unconditioned self and observing wide awake what happens to one’s vision and word
  • Extension … floating freely and putting it into form on the page, canvas, etc.

He and his wife live in Manningtree with a bedlam of terriers.