Fay  Northcott


Fay graduated from De Montfort University with a 2:1 In Fashion Fabrics And Accessories. She specializes in printed textiles. Her work consists of a vibrant selection of colours and textures, creating an enticing and sophisticated collection of original fabrics.


The inspiration comes from a contrasting combination of geometric and organic mark-making, flowing shapes and patterns. Combining unconventional materials and techniques is her forte, including designs using bonded rubbers and plastics, to create inventive and unusual bespoke textural prints.

Fay uses her fabrics to create clothing, accessories and bags.


Her work was selected to be exhibited at London’s New Designers Exhibition in 2014; the exhibition for emerging design. As well as having work displayed on a trend forecasting website listed as an “Up and coming designer”. Her work was also exhibited at Premier Vision in Paris, where a design of hers was sold to an American fashion designer.


In addition to fabrics Fay has a range of handmade jewellery using found objects; inspired by patterns and textures of the seaside.