We’ve taken some of the best bits of Mother Studios London and built on that with these new studios. We hope there will be approximately 35 studios in the end, a wonderful art community cafe, a flexible gallery space and 2 education & project rooms! We currently have a few studios available, so please get check out our Studios page for more info!


The gallery space and education & project rooms can be booked out by any of the artists at Mother Studios Essex for free. It’s important that we support the artist and their development.


There’s a lovely gated courtyard in the middle of the buildings, where table & chairs can be put out to relax on a nice day!
There’s plenty of parking and 24hr access.
The studios all have beautiful natural light and are individual lockable spaces.



Facebook: www.facebook.com/motherstudios

Twitter: www.twitter.com/motherstudios

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mother_studios


Enquiries: jo@motherstudios.co.uk



Hackney Museum

Joanna Hughes

Founder and Director